Mountain Road Textiles is a manufacturer of a large variety of fabrics for industrial and commercial applications.

multi-colored folded fabric

Fabrics Include:

A wide range of mesh fabrics from tubular meshes 3 inches wide to 200 inches flat using both spun fiber and filament yarns

A large variety of tubular knit fabrics from small rib sizes to all kinds of larger size tubular or open width fabrics made with natural or synthetic yarns

Fabrics Can be produced in a wide range of weights.

Non-Woven Products

Mountain Road Textiles Specializes in developing and producing custom nonwoven products including:

  • Spunbond
  • Spunlace
  • Point Bond
  • Needle Punch

All available in polyester or polypropylene ideal for many industrial or commercial end uses including medical and filtration. These products can be chemically treated for hydophilic or hydrophobic properties. Also, coatings can be applied to provide flame retardancy or sound deadening characteristics.